Chambers, Nebraska

Fresh air, open spaces, and friendly people are what makes Chambers the welcoming place it is, located in north central Nebraska and southern Holt County.

Chambers is a small town with economic development as a top priority.  In the last few years, Chambers has gained new businesses and three new buildings.  The Community Center, American Legion, and a Fire Hall, for the active Volunteer Fire Department, were built with major donations from three people.  Donations from the community helped with furnishings for these buildings.  The community raised funds and received a grant to install top-of-the-line playground equipment in the village park.  The Chambers School, K-12, is proud of their students, who highly achieve in academics and sports and are recognized for their outstanding band.  The Chambers Area Chamber of Commerce works together with the help of local people to sponsor celebrations throughout the year including an Easter Egg Hunt, a big 4th of July Celebration and a Christmas Open House.  Their current project is a Homesteaders/Veterans Memorial Park.  Chambers is home to the Holt County Fair & Rodeo.  Chambers residents welcome new faces and businesses to their little town in Nebraska!