Emmet, Nebraska

From it's humble beginnings of wild hay production, Emmet, NE remains a small community with a big heart.
hay field near emmet ne eary photo of downtown emmet ne post office emmet, ne


Emmet was founded in 1882 on the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad. It was named after Irish nationalist Robert Emmet. Currently, the population is 48 and is described as a town with good people, good land, and good clean air -- three reasons people choose to live here.

Like much of Holt County, the Emmet area is well suited for production of wild hay. Early settlers cut it as a cash crop. In the 1920's, the Emmet-Elkhorn Valley Hay Company was founded. It's name was later abbreviated to the Emmet Hay Company. The community describes itself as the "Biggest Little Haytown in the World".