Ewing, Nebraska

(Left) St. Peter's Catholic Church (Center) Target shooting at "Yellow Banks" near Ewing (Right) Savidge Brothers Mural

Today, Ewing's population is 387 and is linked to the outside by Highway 275. The people of Ewing take pride in being part of a caring community, rich with history.

This part of Nebraska went unnoticed for many years. Not until May 1870 did a covered wagon turn off the trail and stop just below the north and south forks of the Elkhorn River. James Ewing and his family decided this was a good place to settle, so started carving out a home, found a good water supply, and planted a garden and "sod corn."

In 1911, the seven Savidge brothers of Ewing constructed and flew one of the first heavier-than-air machines made in Nebraska. In partnership as inventors, mechanics and pilots, their aircraft was an exposed cockpit biplane model. The brothers perfected their airplane until they were sure it was safe and then started on barnstorming trips in the Midwest states. During this time Matt, the most daring of the boys, learned to loop the plane as well as other stunts. He was the first pilot in the world to introduce skywriting.